• Participate in face-to-face meetings with the Hiring Team. Members of the Hiring Team may include senior members of the Client’s Executive Management, the Board of Directors, and Investors.
• Set specific goals, milestones and expectations of the Search.
• Develop a detailed Job Description.
• Determine the primary and secondary candidate skills and background criteria.
• Begin to discuss and evaluate possible candidates, their backgrounds, availability and potential contribution to a company culture.
• Establish the interview Process, Participants, and Timetable.

• Develop a list of candidates to review with the Client that will include current biographies and/or resumes, compensation histories and assessments of their strengths, weaknesses, suitability, and availability.
• Schedule regular conference telephone calls with members of the Hiring Team to review candidates
and the progress of the Search.

• Contact and meet the top candidates and submit assessments to the Hiring Team.
• Maintain a secure on-line Progress Report, including a history of the Search and all pertinent
information, at a glance.

• Our commitment to an organization doesn’t end when the candidate is placed. Söderlund Associates’ follow-up procedures ensure that the transition is successful, and that organizations have the opportunity to provide feedback.

During the search process, Söderlund Associates will advise and counsel the client on critical matters including:
• attracting, reviewing and interviewing the strongest candidates,
• selecting the top candidate and providing backups,
• checking industry references,
• developing a competitive compensation and retention package,
• presenting the offer,
• transitioning an executive out of the role and possibly out of the company, and
• a swift and successful closure to the executive search process.